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In this webinar we explore the laws and regulations impacting the frontline – from the timing and content of Truth in Savings disclosures to the requirements for placing holds on deposits, the rights and responsibilities of plastic cardholders, the remedies available to accountholders regard checks, drafts and EFTs.

  • Who must receive disclosures about accounts and services and when?
  • How long do we have to investigate a claim of unauthorized use?
  • What are the timeframes for holding deposited checks?
  • Where does it say that we can pay checks before the due date?
  • Why are there limitations on stop payments on Cashier’s Checks?
  • Should we accept a check payable to a business into a personal account?
  • When do we need to provide disclosures for International Remittances?

Meet the presenter, Mary-Lou Heighes:

Mary-Lou Heighes, CUCE, is President and founder of Compliance Plus, Inc., which helps credit unions large and small with the development of compliance programs and compliance training and assistance. She provides compliance training all over the country for various state leagues and credit unions, and also speaks at numerous credit union conferences throughout the country. Mary-Lou has been an instructor at regulatory compliance schools, has conducted dozens of webinars for credit union related organizations throughout the country, and has written articles for Credit Union Magazine. She spent many years working on the very laws and regulations she trains on today.

Mary-Lou has been involved in the credit union movement since 1989. Before founding Compliance Plus, Inc. in 2000, she spent five years working in credit unions and seven years providing compliance assistance through the Information Hotline and writing and editing TIPs bulletins advising credit unions to changes to regulations affecting credit union business.

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  • Lending
  • Branch Manager
  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Training/Professional Development
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