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eTrain: Fulfilling NCUA’s Financial Literacy Requirements for Directors

Presented by Tim Harrington, CPA, President, Team Resources, Inc.
How's your credit union doing? No, really, how is your credit union doing? As a Board Member of a federal credit union, you have an obligation to know and understand how your credit union is doing . . . financially.

New NCUA Regulation 701.4 (b)(3) requires that federal credit union board members be financially literate, able to understand their credit union’s Balance sheet and Income Statement and “ask appropriate, substantive questions of management.”

Get the knowledge you need to satisfy that requirement from Tim Harrington, C.P.A., at this two-part webinar. You’ll examine the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, and get a solid basic knowledge of key ratios, profit and capital, risk management, and asset/liability management. You’ll even receive a certificate of completion as proof of your training.

Attend both days of the program for the cost of one Internet connection!

Part 1: Monday, March 21

  • Basic building blocks of financial understanding
  • What regulators look for and why
  • Why CAMELs actually matter, and not just from a regulatory standpoint
  • Identifying the most important items for a director to watch
  • Understanding a spread analysis
  • Comprehending the importance of capital

Part 2: Tuesday, March 22

  • Key ratios to understand and watch
  • Understanding the Allowance for Loan Losses and investment valuations
  • Importance of efficiency and how to measure it
  • Recognizing different business models, identifying, and understanding yours
  • An Asset/Liability Management primer
  • Risks credit unions face and how to mitigate them

Even if you are unable to attend the live program presentations, you still don’t have to miss out on the training. Get the recorded webinar at the eTrain Archives. You and your Board of Directors will have unlimited viewing of both programs for 60 days following your registration.

Who Should Attend?
Federal credit union directors elected or appointed on or before January 27, 2011 must be in compliance with the financial literacy requirements by July 27, 2011. Directors elected or appointed after January 27, 2011 must satisfy the financial literacy requirements within six months following seating. This seminar is intended for:

  • Directors from federally chartered credit unions
  • Directors from state-licensed credit unions, who will also benefit from this training
  • Supervisory Committee members
  • Other credit union volunteers and staff who wish to understand their credit union’s big financial picture

Meet the presenter, Tim Harrington, CPA, Team Resources:
Exploding the stereotype of his profession as a Certified Public Accountant, Tim Harrington is a dynamic public speaker. As an expert in the field of credit unions, he has used his knowledge, wit, and unpretentious delivery to provide consulting and training for thousands of credit unions and tens of thousands of credit union volunteers and staff members nationwide. Tim has made presentations for many national credit union organizations and NCUA, as well as for credit union leagues in forty-eight states, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. In addition, Tim is on the faculty of the CUNA "CU Finance School for Non-Financial Managers and Volunteers" and the CUNA “Volunteer Certification School.”

Since 1996, Tim has been President of T.E.A.M. Resources, a firm which provides consulting, strategic planning, and training to large and small credit unions from coast-to-coast. Tim was formerly the Chairman of the Board of a $150 million credit union in Tucson, Arizona, and, prior to that, an Associate Partner with the nation's 3rd largest auditor of credit unions.

Tim has been teaching directors about financial statements for 20 years. After Tim's class, many directors have said "This is the first time I really understood what the financial statements were all about. You made it so clear."

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You are registering for an archived audio/visual presentation. Simply complete the registration information below and submit. Please make sure all of your information is complete and accurate. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your registration has successfully been submitted.

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