eTrain: The Art of e-Business Etiquette
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Good business manners count, even (or maybe especially!) in electronic communication. From social media do’s and don’ts to business-appropriate e-mails, let Sharon Weber show you how to present yourself professionally using today’s electronic tools.

  • What are the new rules of e-business etiquette?
  • How have appropriate modes of business communication changed in this electronic environment?
  • What email or social media content is appropriate and what is inappropriate?
  • Should you friend your boss on Facebook? 
  • Can your Facebook posts affect your job search? 
  • Do I have to accept every friend or LinkedIn request?
  • To tweet or not to tweet? 
  • Should electronic business communications follow the same standards as hardcopy writing?
  • How do you prepare visually appealing email that is easy to read and professional in its appearance?
  • What basic proofreading and editing techniques and tools should you use before you hit the “send” button?
  • How can you make conference calls more productive? 
  • Can you distinguish between a 911 or 411 issue and what is the best way to respond in each situation?   

Meet the presenter, Sharon Weber: Sharon Weber has been involved with credit unions for the past fifteen years and she is currently the executive assistant to the president and corporate secretary of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. She has worked with senior executives in insurance, education and manufacturing during her career. She is the former two-term president of the Citrus Valley Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, currently serves as Recording Secretary of the chapter, and served as an officer on the California Division Board of Directors of the association.

Who Should Attend?
All credit union professionals who communicate electronically with coworkers, members, or other external parties.

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You are registering for an archived audio/visual presentation. Simply complete the registration information below and submit. Please make sure all of your information is complete and accurate. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your registration has successfully been submitted.

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