eTrain: Employment Practices for Managers & Supervisors, Part 2: Documentation, Discipline, Workers Compensation, & Privacy Issues

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Managing your staff every day can be challenging, as you deal with hiring, firing, and everything in between. It’s even harder if you have to guess what you can legally say or do.

This four-part series is intended especially for California credit unions.

Managing your staff every day can be challenging, as you deal with hiring, firing, and everything in between. It’s even harder if you have to guess what you can legally say or do.

The guesswork is over. Join human resources attorney Bob Wenzel at this special four-part eTrain webinar series as he shows you how to comply with basic human resource practices and laws, and helps you and your credit union avoid situations that may lead to expensive employee grievances or even lawsuits.

You’ll get the knowledge and skills you need for effective daily staff supervision as you learn about: 

Part 1:  Employment Discrimination, Diversity, & Harassment Issues
Tuesday, June 5 – 10-11:30 am

  • Federal | State Law Protections
  • Forms of Discrimination
  • Disparate Impact | Intent
  • ADEA | ADA | GINA 
  • Sexual Harassment

Part 2:  Employment Practices
Tuesday, June 12 – 10-11:30 am

  • Beginning the Employment Relationship
  • Documenting Employee Performance
  • Proper Performance Evaluations
  • Ending the Employment Relationship

Part 3:  Wage & Hour Issues
Tuesday, June 19 – 10-11:30 am

  • Federal | State Law
  • Overtime | Minimum Wage
  • Exempt | Non-Exempt
  • Wage and Hour Litigation | Class Action
  • Meal | Rest Periods
  • Paying for All Hours Worked
  • Travel | Training | Waiting | On-Call Time
  • Preparation & Finishing | Off-Site Activities

Part 4:  Disabilities & Leaves
Tuesday, June 26 – 10-11:30 am

  • Intermittent Leaves
  • Pregnancy | Military-Related Leaves
  • Disability Accommodation
  • Interactive Accommodation Process

Who should attend?
This program is intended for new and even experienced department managers and supervisors who have no formal human resources training but who must comply with human resource rules, regulations, and practices in their daily responsibilities with staff.

Meet the presenter, Robert Wenzel & Partners:
Robert Wenzel is a partner in the law office of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, specializing in employment law and personnel and labor relations matters, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour issues. He handles employment litigation, advises clients in drafting contracts and agreements, and assists in general human resources matters.

Mr. Wenzel is well known to Southern California credit union chapters and other organizations around the country as an expert on labor and employment issues. He has conducted hundreds of training sessions and seminars and has lectured at numerous conventions. He was also awarded the Excellence in Human Resources Award and the President’s Award by the Professionals in Human Resources Association.

Mr. Wenzel has scheduled three of his partners (Paul Fleck | Amber Solano | Scott Dauscher) to join him during the webinar series to offer updates and insights on specific areas of concern for employers such as Wage & Hour, Leaves & Disabilities and Discrimination & Harassment.

Program length 90 Minutes

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