Deceased Member Accounts

May 21 , 2019 — 10-11:30 am PT
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How do you know who gets the account funds when a member dies? 
Credit union compliance expert Mary-Lou Heighes will give you the information you need to properly handle and release account funds to the beneficiary, the joint owner, or the estate.

You’ll get the answers to these questions and more:

  • What documentation should you require to release the money?
  • Can a joint owner still access the funds?
  • What happens if there is no joint owner and no beneficiary is named?
  • How should you handle automatic deposits like pensions or Social Security?
  • If the beneficiary qualifies for membership in your credit union, can you just change the name and social security number on the account?
  • Are there special procedures if the beneficiary is a minor?

Who Should Attend?

California credit union staff in these positions or departments:

  • Member Service
  • Teller
  • Branch Manager
  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Audit
  • Training/Professional Development

Meet the presenter

Mary-Lou Heighes is President and founder of Compliance Plus, Inc., which has been helping financial institutions with the development of compliance programs since 2000. She provides compliance training all over the country for various trade associations and financial institutions, and also speaks at numerous financial institution conferences throughout the country. Mary-Lou has been an instructor at regulatory compliance schools and conducts dozens of webinars for organizations throughout the country.

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