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Checking Account Rules & Regulations

A check is just a small piece of paper. How can it have so many pages and pages of rules and regulations that govern its handling? Your members and examiners expect you to know and follow all those rules. Can you? Are you sure about the maximum amount of time you can hold funds from a check? Do you know who is liable when an endorsement or a signature is forged? Get the answers to these questions and more from credit union compliance expert Mary-Lou Heighes in this session as she reviews:

  • Regulation CC provisions regarding holds
  • Check 21 notification and error resolution requirements
  • Uniform Commercial Code rules on liability between parties to a check,
  • Proper payees
  • Endorsements
  • Rules for stop payments

And so much more!

Please note: This program is intended for credit unions from all states, but some state rules may vary. Please consult your state league or credit union attorney if you have questions.

Who Should Attend:
  • Member Service
  • Teller
  • Branch Manager
  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Training & Professional Development

About the Presenter:

Mary-Lou Heighes, CUCE, is President and founder of Compliance Plus, Inc., which helps credit unions large and small with the development of compliance programs and compliance training and assistance. She provides compliance training all over the country for various state leagues and credit unions, and also speaks at numerous credit union conferences throughout the country.

Mary-Lou has been an instructor at regulatory compliance schools, has conducted dozens of webinars for credit union related organizations throughout the country, and has written articles for Credit Union Magazine. She spent many years working on the very laws and regulations she trains on today.

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