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eTrain: Plastic Card Fraud & EMV

Plastic Card Fraud & EMV

Fighting Back Against Credit & Debit Card Losses

Plastic card fraud keeps growing and growing, with many major retailers already hit this year. When the losses revert to the card issuer, you take the hit, too. What can you do to reduce your credit union’s vulnerability and liability?

You need to know your credit union’s options, rights, and responsibilities in dealing with fraudulent transactions. Join Cecelia Bowman from CUNA Mutual Group as she discusses the fraud epidemic, strategies for fighting it, and ways to measure the effectiveness of your fight.  

During this program we will deal with the difficult questions confronting all of us:

  • Has the fraud problem increased or decreased in the last year?
  • What new tactics are being used by fraud perpetrators?
  • What strategies are currently effective in fighting plastic card fraud?
  • How can EMV (Europay, Mastercard, & Visa) chip-and-pin technology help you limit plastic card fraud losses in the future?

Who should attend?

Those who create or administer credit and debit card fraud policies or procedures, especially in these positions:

  • Card Services
  • Member Service Manager & Professionals
  • Teller Supervisor or Teller
  • Branch Manager or Supervisor
  • Risk Management or Security Professional
  • Compliance Professional

Meet the presenter, Cecelia Bowman:

Cecelia Bowman is a risk management consultant in Credit Union Protection Risk Management for CUNA Mutual Group. In this role she is responsible for assisting credit unions in identifying areas of risk in their operations and recommending appropriate controls to reduce loss exposures.

Bowman is also responsible for ensuring the completion of the Fidelity Analysis Program, designed to detect ongoing embezzlements in credit unions. She serves credit unions in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. She is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Prior to joining CUNA Mutual Group in 1985, Bowman served as a fraud investigator with the Maryland National Bank for 13 years. She was also coordinator of the Maryland Association of Bank Security.

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